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At Technical Bonded Textiles, you won’t only find what you need; you’ll get the best quality at a fair price. With years of experience in the industry, we have the expertise to thoroughly and efficiently serve our customers to ensure they’re never disappointed.

Technical Bonded Textile's core business is textile lamination. Our directors have 45 years combined experience
in the Industry.

The Technical Bonded Textile's “team” take great pride in:

  • Our personal and excellent customer service

  • Our ongoing innovation and process development

  • Our positive approach to “challenges” presented by our customers

  • Our integrity

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Services Offered

Best of the Best

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Textile Laminating

Lamination / bonding has two main functions. The first is to create “composites”
by bonding two or more together. This may be done for technical
reasons and / or for appearance purposes. The second reason for laminating fabrics,
The production time for a padded jacket can be reduced by up to 40% by bonding the
fiberfill to the lining and the outer fabric. The process also greatly reduces the
incidence of “Fibre migration”. Hanger appeal is also greatly enhanced

Examples of composites: Fibrefill to fabric, foam to fabric, foam to PVC, fabric to
breathable film, lace to tricot, toweling to breathable film, foam to tricot etc.

The maximum width is 2300 mm

Cutting Plywood Panels

Straight Slitting and Rerolling

  • We offer a c.m.t fabric/textile straight slitting and rerolling service. We can slit the roll down to any width desired.

  • maximum roll width is 3100mm

  • maximum diameter is 400mm, However we are able to reroll bigger rolls to of greater diameters down to size and thereafter slit .

  • some examples of textiles that we are able to slit: 

  1. Fabric​

  2. Foam

  3. Fibre

  4. PVC

  5. Fibre glass


Bra Cup Rigid and Stretch Moulding

We have our own Housebrand foam bra cups and they are clicked to shape.

Both stretch moulding of fabrics and moulded foam cups are catered for.

Assistance of originaton of all moulds are also offered


Die Cutting/Component Clicking

with our own in house clicking machine we can offer a c.m.t die cutting/component clicking service for fabrics, foam etc.

We do clicking of different shapes such as:

  1. baby bibs

  2. cycle pads

  3. bra cups

We can also use your clicking blades or have the desired shape manufactured for you.

Foma sheeting-22.png

Foam Sheeting

We keep a small range of PU foam sheets:
4mm+5mm+10mm charcoal
4mm white
As well as polyester 12mm white foam
We can also assist you in sourcing the desired foam of your choosing if need be.

Foam moulding-22.png

Foam Moulding

We offer a foam moulding service

E.g. bra cups,cycle pads etc.

Assistance of originaton of all moulds

is also offered


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Prime Park, Unit G1, 21 Mocke Rd, Diep River, Cape Town, 7800, South Africa

021 706 1688

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